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We offer SDKs for face recognition, face liveness detection, and ID card recognition.

With cross-platform support in any language, our SDKs make it easier for developers to create applications that are compatible with different hardware platforms, OS(perating systems), and programming languages.

Our products are very valuable for implementing e-KYC process, customer onboarding process, seamless ID verification, KYC automation, video surveillence, data entry automation, first-line border control, check-in automation, or biometric authentication

Face Recognition SDK

The Face Recognition SDK is designed to be efficient, using low memory and delivering high performance.

This solution stands for face recognition, facial recognition, face liveness check, spoofing prevention, face matching, face comparison, face search engine, face identification on biometric authentication system.

We offer multi-platform solutions including face recognition Android, face recognition iOS, face recognition Flutter, face recognition React-Native, face recognition docker, face recognition server(Linux/Windows)

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Face Liveness Detection SDK

The Face Liveness Detection SDK is our most powerful solution, offering highly reliable spoof face detection capabilities and mitigating biometric fraud.

The SDK is compliant with iBeta Level 2, ensuring its effectiveness in detecting 2D paper masks, 3D (silicone, paper, tissue…) realistic face mask, printed pictures, screen/video replay attacks.

This solution stands for 3D passive face liveness detection, face anti-spoofing, face fraudulent check, face liveness check, fraud prevention, spoof prevention,   face fraud detection and biometric fraud with liveness detection.

We offer multi-platform solutions such as face liveness Android, face liveness iOS, face liveness Flutter, face liveness React-Native, face liveness docker, face liveness server(Linux/Windows)

If you have a plan to develop an identity verification system, we strongly recommend using our Face Liveness SDK.

ID Card Recognition SDK

Our ID Card Recognition SDK empowers you to automatically extract data from various ID documents, including ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses.

The SDK supports various ID documents from 200+ countries, making it versatile and useful worldwide.

This solution stands for ID card recognition, ID card scanner, ID document reader, ID card reader, ID document recognition, MRZ parser, barcode reader, barcode scan, MRZ scan,  passport scanner, ID scanner on e-KYC verification process.

We have built this solution on multi-platform such as ID card recognition Android, ID card recognition iOS, ID card recognition Flutter, ID card recognition docker, ID card recognition server(Linux/Windows)

Additionally, we ensure the reliability of our SDK by regularly updating it to support new types of ID documents.

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